The Birchwood Process

Advanced Repair Planning

Birchwood Collision Centre’s Advanced Repair Plan means we have more accurate estimates and quicker repair turnaround times. What happens when you bring your vehicle to Birchwood Collision Centre? First, we’ll book your car in for an appointment to fully assess the damage and review your claim. This is when our Advanced Repair Planning takes place!

Each Collision Centre has a team of technicians, apprentices and planners dedicated to the repair planning process. Advance Repair Planning is the builddown of your vehicle to thoroughly assess any damage to your vehicle.

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    Step One

    Our technician will go over the loss details and examine each aspect of your claim. This includes tearing down the vehicle to look for any hidden damage. We’ll also make note of any damage on your car that’s not related to the claim.

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    Step Two

    As we go over your vehicle, we’ll take photos of every panel and your dashboard. We ensure every detail of the damage to your car is captured and documented. Next, the technician will write up a supplement detailing the repair plan. This plan is sent to MPI along with all of the photos and documentation.

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    Step Three

    Finally, the technician will put the vehicle back together and return it to you. We’ll explain everything we found, and what will be necessary to fix your car. We’ll book your repair appointment at this time to reduce any additional wait time between when MPI approves the plan and when we start fixing your car. By performing this vital Advanced Repair Plan, the speed and efficiency of your vehicle repair is drastically improved.

Learn more about how Advanced Repair Planning works at Birchwood Collision Centre:

What Our Customers Are Saying…

“I get all our family cars fixed at Birchwood collision and always find their work excellent, and I’m pretty demanding on the quality of work and customer service.” – Glen S.

“The Production Manager Stephan did a great job with keeping me updated thru out the repair process and ensured my vehicle was repaired perfectly. “ – Shane C.

“Loved my visit here. Customer service was busy but the service was friendly and repair was done quicker then expected. I recommend this place – Go for it!” – Nayan K.